In 2007 four people decided to form THE ATTENTION! - in the following years they achieved high success with their rough'n'nifty performances and sixties-rooted sound, while also releasing two longplayers (on Screaming Apple Records) and three Singles (Wild Records & Substance Records). 2014 leaded the men in different directions.


King D, vocalist, songwriter and illustrator of THE ATTENTION! decided to follow the path of Garage Punk, early Sixties Rock'n'Roll and Surf-music on and lead the heritage of THE ATTENTION! into a new dandified outfit, called KING D's NEW ATTENTION!


The name speaks for itself: same style - same outfit - same sound, but NEW musicians: HOWLIN' T (Fender-guitar), JT SLINGER (Star-drums) and ANDI F. (Höfner-Bassguitar). This killer-line-up will perform a few classics from the THE ATTENTION! - Discography and more then a lot of NEW original songs - again written by the man in the middle: KING D.